Root Canals in Glendale, AZ

If the idea of having a root canal makes your heart race, you are not alone. Although this tooth-saving endodontic procedure has gotten a bum rap, root canal therapy eliminates the need for extraction and helps restore oral health. Contrary to popular belief, advances in dentistry have made today’s root canals virtually pain-free.

At Desert Peak Family Dental Care, we work hard to ensure you remain comfortable throughout every procedure.

About Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy is an endodontic procedure performed to save a tooth. If the root has been injured or infected the damage often affects the nerve. Root canal treatment involves removing the damaged nerve to alleviate pain, clean the root chamber, and disinfect the entire area to prevent further infection.

After the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned, the empty chamber will be packed with filling material. Your root canal dentist will likely recommend placing a crown over the weakened tooth for strength and support.

Visit Our Root Canal Dentist Today

Call our Glendale dental office immediately if you are suffering from tooth pain. The sooner we diagnose the cause and provide treatment, the better.
In some cases, patients experience no pain, yet they still require root canal treatment. This is a sign that the nerve is dead. When a tooth has been injured or broken, this can happen. If you experience a dental trauma resulting in tooth damage, contact Desert Peak Family Dental so we can examine the situation and promptly restore your mouth health.

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