Dentures & Partial Dentures in Glendale, AZ

Removable dentures and partial dentures are worn to replace lost teeth when dental implants are not an option. Dentures are made of materials that closely match the look of natural teeth and gums. There was a time what having missing teeth signaled an irreversible decline in health. It is a good thing we have modern tooth replacement solutions that restore normal eating, smiling, and speaking.

Types of Dentures

We offer our Glendale patients two types of dentures: full and partial. Full dentures replace an entire mouthful of missing teeth. A partial denture is used when a few healthy teeth are still in place. Partial dentures in not only fill in the gaps left by missing teeth; they prevent natural teeth from shifting.

A full denture can be immediate or conventional. An immediate denture is made ahead of time and placed after tooth extraction, so the patient doesn’t have to go without teeth. However, adjustments will need to be made after the soft tissues shrink during the healing phase. Conventional dentures are crafted after the gums have healed from tooth extraction, usually up to six weeks. Patient must go without teeth or wear an immediate denture during the waiting period.

Durable dentures and partial dentures can last for many years. However, it is common to have to get dentures readjusted, remade or repaired over time.

What Does Getting Dentures Involve?

Several dental visits are required to get dentures, usually spread out over several weeks. Measurements and impressions are taken to create a custom denture or partial denture. Expect a few trial and error visits to ensure proper fit, shape, and color until the denture is perfect and comfortable to wear.
Denture care instructions will be provided with your new full or partial dentures. With proper cleaning, good oral hygiene habits and routine dental visits you can extend the life of your removable replacement teeth.

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