Dental Cleanings & Exams in Glendale, AZ

Maintaining good oral hygiene habits is crucial for long-lasting overall health. At Desert Peak Family Dental, we protect your oral health and provide important patient education. Preventative dentistry in Glendale starts with teeth cleanings and dental exams.

When you visit our Glendale, AZ office for a professional dental cleaning and exam, we clean your teeth meticulously, look for signs of decay and gum disease, and develop an at-home treatment plan. Since every patient is unique, we make sure you have the knowledge and tools to meet your individual needs.

Dental Cleanings

Professional dental cleanings are deeper and more thorough than brushing, and dental examinations allow your Glendale dentist to check for signs of problems. Most patients are prescribed six-month dental visits, but it all depends on your oral health. It might be recommended that you come back more often.

If signs of gum disease are detected, we will work to control the infection and reverse the damage. In these cases, more frequent teeth cleanings may be needed to get your oral health on track.

Fluoride Treatment

We also offer professional fluoride treatment to remineralize and reinforce tooth enamel. In-office fluoride treatment makes teeth more resistant to the harmful effects of bacteria and plaque. Topical fluoride application also helps repair minor decay before it forms a cavity. Just a few minutes during your biannual exam can provide valuable protection.

Dr. Pandya is a firm believer in preventative dentistry and patient education, but he also believes in not shaming patients. If it has been countless years since you’ve seen a dentist, we won’t lecture you. All we want to do is restore your healthy smile and get you back on track

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