Bad Breath Treatment in Glendale, AZ

Halitosis, or bad breath, is commonly caused by eating foul-smelling foods like fish, garlic, onions and certain types of cheese. But persistent breath odor is most likely caused by a serious oral health concern such as periodontal disease, severe decay, certain types of cancer or gut issues.

Bad Breath Treatment

Practicing good oral hygiene habits at home with twice daily brushing and flossing once a day will remove plaque buildup and leftover food debris. It is important to thoroughly clean teeth, implants and any other restorative dental work. Also, don’t neglect your tongue. Odor-causing bacteria also accumulates on the tongue surface.

Clean Your Tongue, Freshen Your Breath

It is very important to make cleaning your tongue part of your daily routine. There are toothbrushes on the market that have an attached tongue cleaner, like the Colgate 360 brush. You can also use disposable tongue scrapers. After brushing your teeth with an ADA-approved antibacterial toothpaste, place the tongue cleaner in the back of the tongue surface and pull it forward. Rinse off the tool with warm water after you scrape a portion of the tongue and repeat the process until you have cleaned the entire area.

Halitosis Treatment Near You

Consult with your Glendale dentist or hygienist about the most effective oral hygiene tools to aid in eliminating odor-causing mouth bacteria at home. Your dental care professional will review the proper techniques and go over the best products available to control bad breath, such as antiseptic mouthwash, antibacterial toothpaste, tongue scrapers or brushes.

The key to fresh, clean breath is proper oral hygiene practices performed every day, and regular dentist visits.

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