Reasons to get an oral cancer screening

Reasons to get an oral cancer screening

It is important to educate the patients about this disease. It is essential to detect oral cancer early for successful treatment.

Oral cancer screening is performed by a dentist who looks for signs of cancer or precancerous condition in your mouth. The main aim is to detect mouth cancer early that can be removed easily and curable.

The dentist will check your mouth during routine visits to screen for oral cancer. Some dentists use additional tests to check in identifying areas of abnormal cells in your mouth.

People with a high risk of oral cancer can get benefits from oral cancer screening. Factors that increase the risk of oral cancer-

  • Use of tobacco
  • Regular use of alcohol
  • Exposed to the sun that increases the risk of lip cancer

Consult the dentist whether oral cancer screening is appropriate for you. Ask about the ways of reducing the risk of oral cancer such as quit smoking and stop taking alcohol.

There are a few main reasons you should get screening at the dentist’s office-

  • Oral cancer is on the rise among young people

It is said that oral cancer affects long-time smokers and drinkers. Today, many young men and women are being diagnosed. This is due to human papillomavirus, or HPV which can lead to oral cancer. People between the ages of 25-50 are higher at risk.

  • Screenings are quick and painless

For the examination of oral cancer less than 5 minutes are required. In this, a simple visual check of mouth, lips and face is checked for signs of cancer or a precancerous condition. Further, diagnostic tests are done if any symptoms are detected.

Get the screening of your mouth once a year or during annual dental check-up and cleaning.

  • Prevention and early detection is key

The main cause of oral cancer is your lifestyle. Many people do smoking, chewing tobacco and consume alcohol every day that increases the risk.

As soon as it is detected, get it to treat because the oral cancer survival rate has increased to about 80%.