Bad Breath – Causes, Treatment, Prevention

Bad Breath – Causes, Treatment, Prevention

Bad breath is one of the key reasons why people face a serious damage in their self-esteem. If someone else points out your bad breath for you – you might have to take up some serious steps in the form of treatment and prevention.

Most of the times, bad breath itself is a result of a larger problem. Here are a few causes of bad breath:

Bacteria: One of the biggest reasons of bad breath is development of bacteria in your mouth, especially on your teeth. This can be a result of cavities or other damages your teeth and their roots have incurred. Hence, visit a dentist if you are facing bad breath resulting from bacteria.

Poor Oral Hygiene: The second biggest cause of bad breath is a bad oral hygiene. The point here is that of you are not maintaining a health oral hygiene, you will end up developing bacteria in your mouth and your bad breath problem will only alleviate.

Dry Mouth: A rather common reason of bad breath is a dry mouth. If it is not a result of some other medical conditions, this is where a mint or a pint of water may help.

Smoking: People who are chain-smokers or habituated to recurring smoking may witness bad breath problems. A bigger problem chain smokers have is the risk of getting mouth cancer.

Food or Dieting: Finally, both consumption or omission of certain foods may lead to bad breath.

According to experts at Desert Park Family Dental, try these natural remedies to fight bad breath:

Medications: You can take up medications prescribed by your dentist, only if your dentist tells you that you need them to get rid of the root cause of your bad breath.

Maintain good oral hygiene: This is one of the key things you can do to prevent bad breath – have a disciplined oral hygiene.

Eat foods that prevent bad breath: Finally, try to stay hydrated and eat foods that provide you with calcium and other nutrients to have a healthy mouth, in order to prevent bad breath.

Get regular check-ups: Visit your dentist regularly and keep looking for any cues that show serious dental problems.