5 Possible Causes of Bad Breath—Plus Dr. Eye’s Tips on How to Prevent Them

5 Possible Causes of Bad Breath—Plus Dr. Eye’s Tips on How to Prevent Them

Bad breath which is also known as Halitosis affects a significant percentage of people across the globe. People spend a lot of money on mouthwashes, mints, chewing gums and pills to prevent bad breath. However, they don’t offer a long term solution and only cover up the bad breath. Determining the cause of bad breath can help in finding the perfect solution for it.

Reasons Causing Bad Breath:

  • Bad Oral Hygiene

    One of the most common reasons behind bad breath is poor oral hygiene. If you don’t clean your mouth, the bacteria in your mouth produces gas which causes bad breath. It’s important to brush twice a day at least for 2-3 minutes along with flossing. Also use a tongue scrapper for removing bacteria from your tongue.

  • Diet

    What you eat also affects your breath. When food is absorbed in the blood, sulfurous compounds which are responsible for bad breath are expelled from lungs. The odor of food that you eat can stay in your mouth for hours or sometime till next day. Try to limit the strong flavored food items or immediately brush and floss.

  • Gum Diseases

    Bad breath that lasts for long can be a symptom of underlying gum disease. When bacteria are trapped below your gum line, it can cause gum diseases. They also produce sulfur compounds responsible for bad breath. If the reason for your bad breath is gum disease, you would need a deep cleaning procedure. The dentist would be able to analyze and suggest the right procedure.

  • Medical Condition

    This happens in rare cases but your bad breath can also be due to infection or disease such as bronchitis, diabetes, heartburn, or infection. If there is no dental issue, it’s time to see a physician to get treated for the actual disease.

  • Dry Mouth

    When you don’t produce enough saliva, bacteria builds up quite fast and causes bad breath. You can prevent dry mouth by chewing gum, using a mouthwash and staying hydrated.